Feeding Deerhounds and Puppies

This page is designed to help owners get the best out of their Deerhounds through proper feeding.

I'd suggest you read this and remember it,,, You don't want to go down the track of dealing with a sick Deerhound all due to bad feeding.

A lot of trial and error has gone into this advise with feeding Deerhounds for many years.

We here at Bhealaich feed a diet that is mainly a meat diet with additives as necessary.

We feed quality red meat, brisket bone ( which is soft bone ), chicken necks, chicken frames, lamb offcuts and small amounts of offal such as hearts, liver and kidneys.

All meat MUST be fed raw as dogs cannot digest cooked meat and there is no nutrition in cooked meat.

It's a very bad choice to feed dogs as we would humans....Their digestive System is completely different to ours with different bacteria's etc to deal with food....and this is hereditary right down from the ancestor of the wolf.

Golden rule : Never feed cook bones because they splinter and you run the risk of a trip to the vets !

Cooked bones splinter regardless of the type and can punture the digestive tract with serious consequences.

Raw meaty bones are wonderful for Deerhounds but make sure its brisket bone and not marrow bone. Marrow bone is way to hard on teeth and broken denture will result if fed on Marrow Bone.

Chicken necks and frames are meat and cartlidge which is Calcium and Phosherous in a great balance.
Just be careful that chicken is fed fresh... Off chicken can will give botulism...different to Beef.

Lamb offcuts can be used but do it sparingly as lamb can be very fatty...

If you feed meat it needs Calcium which is naturally obtained through brisket bone, chicken necks, chicken frames and boned lamb off cuts.

With Dry food we suggest that you use Blackhawk Grain Free. Remember that dogs cannot digest Wheat based foods which is the main component of dry food...its simply a filler and offers little towards health.

Most dry foods contain cereal (wheat) which is a filler in dry food and Dogs can't digest it and its a waste of time.
In dry food, price indicates quality.

We also feed Cooked Brown Rice and cooked Vegetables.

Sardines or Mackerel is fed out twice a week which gives omega 3 ... mixed in with their meat.

Here at Bhealaich we feed a lot of eggs,,,including the shell...a natural food that is packed full of protein and natural calium in the shell.

Our dogs love fruit...just ensure that pips are removed as they can cause blockages.

Often you will see Deerhounds bury bones etc,,,, let them...as the meaty bones break down,,,the complex enzymes etc changes and this adds important structure to their diet and well being...as nature intended.

Although a degree of fat in meat is essential for growing pups,,,Adults can often develop pancreatitis if feed too much fat in their meat,, believe me when I tell you that Pancreatitis is very painful for any dog.

With Pups,,,,Its real important that you give Calcium in balance....so we feed out Goats Milk in a powdered form...This is very low lactose which is easy to digest....( FOR GOODNESS SAKE DON'T GIVE PUPS COWS MILK...ITS WAY TO HIGH IN LACTOSE AND THE FAT COMPONENT CANNOT GET THROUGH THE GUT WALL,,,,AS SUCH THIS WILL CAUSE A PUP TO SCOUR AND THE PUP WILL GET REAL SICK REAL QUICK..)

Every breeder has their own ideas of feeding large breeds but the above works for us and we don't suffer health problems with our Deerhounds.

Cheers, Richard and Chris

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